酒もタバコもコーヒーも摂らないお坊さんのような生活を送ることをモットーとする集団、ストレートエッジ。その提唱者イアン・マッケイのバンド、Fugaziの写真集が出るらしい(Boing Boingの記事)。


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  • tom jennings より:

    We (Shred of Dignity Skaters’ Union, HOMOCORE zine) organized and ran two Fugazi shows in San Fran in the late 80’s. Here’s a photo of us all out in front of the Shred warehouse (164 Shipley, flattened years ago, now a fucking yuppie townhouse).


    More at http://www.wps.com/HOMOCORE

  • admin より:

    How did you find my website? As far as I know it’s all written in Japanese. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Fugazi and anything concerned with them is always welcome. Thanks.

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